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Probate Attorney New Port Richey FLIf one of your loved ones recently passed away and you’re struggling to navigate the estate administration process, you can turn to the probate attorneys at The Lyons Law Group, P.A., for assistance. We’re a real estate law firm that’s been serving clients in and around Pasco and Hernando Counties since 2008, and we are highly familiar with Florida probate law.

How Does Probate Work?

The term “probate” generally refers to the administration of an individual’s estate following his or her death. The probate process will vary depending on whether the individual had executed a will prior to his or her death.

Probate With a Will

When someone dies with a will in place, the estate will still need to go through probate, but the process will generally be simpler and take much less time than it would with no will. Probate will involve establishing the validity of the will, executing the person’s instructions, and paying applicable taxes.

Probate Without a Will

When someone dies intestate (without a will), the probate court will need to divide the estate according to applicable state intestacy laws, even if the distribution doesn’t necessarily reflect what the individual would have wanted. This is just one reason why estate planning is so important.

Meet With One of Our Probate Attorneys

At The Lyons Law Group, P.A., we understand what you’re going through—not only are you grieving the loss of your loved one, but also dealing with the complicated estate administration process—and we want to do whatever we can to help make this time easier for you. We can guide you through the summary or formal probate process to ensure that your interests are protected and your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with one of the knowledgeable probate attorneys on our team. We have offices in New Port Richey and Spring Hill, and we’d be happy to meet at whichever location is most convenient for you.

What to Expect From Our Office

Guiding You Through Every Step of the Estate Planning Process

Estate planning can be quite confusing, but you can rest assured that our team will help you through this complicated process, easing the burden on your shoulders.

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    Step 1

    Schedule a consultation at whichever location is most convenient for you—we have offices in New Port Richey and Spring Hill.

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    Step 2

    After collecting any necessary information from you, we’ll discuss your preferences and address any concerns you may have.

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    Step 3

    We’ll prepare your estate planning documents in accordance with your stated goals and arrange a time for you to come in and sign them.

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" Lyons Law Group has restored my faith in attorneys. This office is kind and professional and truly has the best interests of their client at heart. They have helped me through some difficult times showing grace and compassion. If you are seeking an ethical attorney, look no further than this office and Andrew Lyons! "
" Mr. Lyons was very compassionate and truly cared for our family and situation. He took the time to listen to our circumstances and answered all of our questions, no matter how many I had. His staff conducted themselves in a very professional manner and I would have no issues referring my family and friends to his firm. Thank you Andy! "

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