Our Real Estate Closings Success Stories

Picture of a woman using a key with a house-shaped keychain to open a door.Are you searching for a title company to handle your upcoming real estate closing? Turn to The Lyons Law Group, P.A., an attorney-backed title company that’s been serving residents of Pasco County, Hernando County, and other areas of Tampa Bay since 2008. Below are just a few examples of our real estate closings success stories.

Used Out-of-the-Box Thinking to Complete a Closing

A client needed assistance with one of the most complicated land deals we had ever seen—one that had multiple judgments, IRS liens, and foreclosure sales looming. In fact, the sale was so complex that another title company had given up on it before the client came to us for help. Our title team and law team collaborated with outside real estate agents, brainstorming creative solutions and using the law to leverage our position, and we were ultimately able to close the deal.

Earned a Repeat Customer

A client hired us to assist with their real estate closing. Unfortunately, after flying in from Cleveland to complete the sale, they discovered that the mortgage company’s documents weren’t ready yet. One of our closing experts stayed late on a Friday evening to help get the closing squared away and minimize the amount of time that the client would need to spend staying at a motel. Thanks to our service, that client hired us when they purchased additional properties, and we ended up handling three closings for them within six years.

Accomplished What Two Other Title Companies Could Not

One of the benefits of hiring an attorney for your closing is that in addition to offering the services of a title company—for example, issuing title insurance, holding escrow, and preparing mortgages, deeds, and releases—an attorney can also represent you in negotiations, advise you on legal matters, and draft supplemental legal documents.

That’s exactly what we did here. Before this client came to us, two other title companies had failed to close their contract because they didn’t have an attorney on their team. Our firm, on the other hand, found a viable solution and achieved a smooth closing.

Used Our Legal Skills to Close a Sale

Once again, our attorneys’ legal background made it possible for a client to close a transaction. When another title company encountered a complicated probate situation, they gave up. The real estate agent handling the sale brought the file to us, and after filing the case and getting the necessary court order, we were able to complete the closing.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you’re planning to buy a home in the near future, contact The Lyons Law Group, P.A., today and let us know that you’re interested in our real estate closing services. We’ll gladly schedule a free initial consultation at either of our offices—choose between our locations in New Port Richey, FL, and Spring Hill, FL—so that we can learn about your purchase, answer your questions, and advise you on how to move forward with the sale.

Our Simple, 3-Step Process

Offering Complimentary Consultations to Area Residents

Whether you’re facing a foreclosure, interested in planning your estate, or involved in a real estate dispute, the relief you need is just a phone call away.

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    Step 1

    Reach out to our office to schedule a consultation—we have locations in New Port Richey and Spring Hill for our clients’ convenience.

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    Step 2

    One of our knowledgeable real estate lawyers will sit down with you, discuss the facts of your case, and review any relevant documents.

  • 3

    Step 3

    If you decide to move forward with representation, we’ll take the steps necessary to help you achieve the relief you desire.

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" Lyons Law Group has restored my faith in attorneys. This office is kind and professional and truly has the best interests of their client at heart. They have helped me through some difficult times showing grace and compassion. If you are seeking an ethical attorney, look no further than this office and Andrew Lyons! "
" Mr. Lyons was very compassionate and truly cared for our family and situation. He took the time to listen to our circumstances and answered all of our questions, no matter how many I had. His staff conducted themselves in a very professional manner and I would have no issues referring my family and friends to his firm. Thank you Andy! "

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