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Picture of an estate planning lawyer using a calculator while speaking to a client, with papers and a wooden house figurine on the desk between them.At The Lyons Law Group, P.A., we’re proud to be one of the leading estate law firms serving Pasco County, Hernando County, and the surrounding area. Our attorneys have helped countless clients plan for the future using wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, health care surrogate designations, and other legal instruments. Below are some examples of our estate planning success stories.

Simplified the Probate Process for a Client’s Children

For many of our estate planning clients, their main concern is avoiding probate and making things as easy as possible for their loved ones after the client passes away. One woman, in particular, told us that she wanted to make sure everything was in place so that her children wouldn’t have to go through a lengthy court process to inherit her assets.

To help this client achieve her goals, we put together a comprehensive estate plan. In addition to preparing a lady bird deed—which would allow the woman’s home to pass directly to her children upon her death—we also recommended that she add beneficiaries to her bank accounts, investment accounts, and life insurance policy.

Years later, the woman passed away, and we met with her children to discuss the next steps to take. We explained that once they recorded their mother’s death certificate in the public records, they would immediately own her house. We also told them that once they provided a death certificate to the companies holding their mother’s assets, the companies would issue them checks. The woman’s children were thrilled to learn that everything was in order and that they weren’t financially obligated to pay any of their mother’s unsecured debts.

Helped a Mother Protect Her Disabled Son

When we met with a woman to discuss her estate planning needs, she told us that her adult son was receiving Medicaid and other public benefits for a severe disability, and that her son’s monthly medication alone would cost thousands of dollars without those benefits. The woman was horrified to learn that if she didn’t set up her estate plans correctly, her son might lose those benefits once she passed away. Once we completed the estate planning process, the woman began to weep because she was so relieved that we helped safeguard her son’s public benefits and future inheritance.

Soothed an Older Couple’s Nerves

A senior couple came to our firm for assistance with estate planning and told us that they were nervous to meet with an attorney because they had never needed one up until that time. During the appointment, we discussed what assets they had, how they wanted the assets to be distributed upon their deaths, how to avoid probate, and whom they wanted to handle their affairs when they passed away (or in the event that they became incapacitated).

By the end of the meeting, the couple was greatly relieved. They told us that they felt very comfortable with us and that we made the estate planning process easy for them to understand. They also said that if they knew estate planning would be that simple, they would have gotten it done much sooner.

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